A volunteer Board of property owners and associate members has a hands-on management role.  Members are welcome to join the board or committees.  The Annual General Meeting is held each spring.


Co-chair/Secretary: Kim Selody
Co-chair: Stephan Pocekovic
Treasurer: Jeremy Horwitz
Social Director: Gai Coutts
Building & Grounds:
Maintenance: Dan Hutton
Communications: Tim Yu
Waterfront: Dan McBurney

Membership: Membership

Volunteer Coordinator & Facilities Manager: (Toni Leverett)




Katherine Gish

TBCA Rentals Coordinator/Archivist |

I have been a member at the TBCA since 1995!  During that time I have acted on the Board of Directors in the capacity of Secretary, Social Committee, Member at Large and have currently filled the Rentals Coordinator/Archivist role for the past 6 years.  Whether it be playing in the pool, swimming at the beach, gathering at the clubhouse with friends for an event or just having dinner and reflecting on the surreal beauty that we are fortunate to be in the center of brings me a sense of happiness and completion. Being involved makes me feel connected to this incredible clubhouse and I would welcome you to take a moment to consider how you  make your own deep connection to the Tunstall Bay Community Association!


Judith Eden

TBCA Rentals Coordinator |

My husband and I moved from Eastern Ontario to Bowen Island in 2005. We had retired from teaching and moved to British Columbia to be closer to some of our family.  My working life was spent teaching Grades 1 and 5 but mostly Kindergarten in Bancroft, Ontario. While living in Bancroft I volunteered with the Bancroft Art Gallery, the Music Festival and the local Figure Skating Club. For recreation we cross country skied in the winter and canoed in Algonquin Park in the summers.  We joined TBCA in 2007 and for a number of years I looked after Membership. For the past several years I have been part of the Rental team. I enjoy being a part of the TBCA family and helping this special place thrive and evolve.