Rules of the Tunstall Bay Community Association

The following rules are instituted by your Directors to ensure the safety, cleanliness, and enjoyment of the club facilities.


In the case of an emergency:

  1. Call 911 Address of the clubhouse is 1666 Tunstall Blvd.
  2. Call the Caretakers and a TBCA Director.

Phone numbers for Caretakers and TBCA Directors can be found near the front door of the clubhouse


Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the TBCA property. This includes the clubhouse and all outdoor areas.


  1. Children under the age of 14 years are not permitted to use the clubhouse and pool facilities unless accompanied by an adult.
  2. Pre-school children are to be accompanied by an adult when using the washroom, pool, and clubhouse. Wee ones must wear commercially available swimming diapers when using the pool.
  3. Disposable diapers are not to be left on the premises or dumped in the garbage cans. Please bring a plastic bag and take home for disposal.
  4. Please note that the clubhouse is on a septic sewer system – do not flush disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, kleenex tissues, paper towels, or other foreign materials down the toilets


  1. Pets are not permitted on the TBCA property. This includes the clubhouse and all outdoor areas.
  2. In keeping with the municipal by-law applicable to all Bowen Island public beaches, dogs are not allowed on the swimming beach during the months of July and August. For the additional safety of our children, TBCA Members are encouraged to refrain from bringing their dogs to the beach from May 15-June 30 and September 1-October 15.


  1. The Clubhouse and facilities are under a security card lock system. Your key card is available through the Membership Director with a deposit of $25.00 One additional card per family is available for and additional $25.00 deposit. Key cards are solely for the use of your family and escorted guests. You are fully responsible for the use of your key while it is registered to you. Upon relinquishing your TBCA membership, you card will be de-activated and your deposit reimbursed upon return of the key card.
  2. The Clubhouse is to be kept locked at all times. When you leave – please turn lights out, turn heat down, and check to ensure that back door and patio doors are locked.
  3. Persons with wet bathing suits or wet feet are not permitted in the dining/lounge area of the Clubhouse. Please enter the washrooms and change rooms via the back door and not the patio doors – the tile floor can become very dangerous when wet.
  4. If kitchen facilities are used, Members are responsible for immediate cleanup.
  5. The use of barbecues and flame type appliances inside the Clubhouse is strictly prohibited.
  6. The refrigerator-freezer is available to Members for day use only. At time of Club functions, it is for the exclusive use of the Club under the direction of the social committee.
  7. Sound equipment, tapes, etc., are reserved for Club functions only, and shall not be removed or tampered with. The piano also is reserved for club functions only, or approved activities.
  8. No inside furniture shall be taken outdoors under any circumstances, except as authorized by the Directors.
  9. Rough play and fighting on TBCA premises, including the Clubhouse and all outside areas, is strictly forbidden.
  10. Change room lockers are available for day use only. Padlocks are not permitted overnight.
  11. Parking in front of Clubhouse is strictly forbidden. This area is reserved for loading and unloading only. Access must be available for ambulance and other emergency vehicles.
  12. Members using the Clubhouse and other facilities are expected to leave them clean and tidy. Glasses, dishes, cutlery, etc., that are used are to be washed, dried and stored properly. Garbage and litter are to be promptly disposed of in provided containers.
  13. Please Remember: The mess you leave behind will have to be cleaned up by a fellow member.


Due to bank erosion and children running between pool and beach, motor vehicles are strictly forbidden from using the blacktop path in front of Clubhouse, except in the case of an emergency. Dinghy pickup, etc., should be made via boat launch area or boaters parking lot.


  1. To ensure child safety, the gate to the pool area must be kept closed at all times when not in use. Please ensure that the gate is always closed behind you.
  2. Parents are responsible for the safety and conduct of their children when using the pool and pool area.
  3. Children under 14 years of age are not permitted in the pool area unless supervised by the adult who has accompanied the children to the pool area. This adult is to be considered the “lifeguard” of the children and must remain in the pool area until the children are safely out of the pool area.
  4. Babies and children who are not potty trained must wear commercially available swimming diapers when using the pool.
  5. No glass or breakable objects, food or drink are permitted in pool area.
  6. No running or rough play is permitted on pool deck.
  7. Fins, snorkels, balls etc., may be used only during slack times.
  8. Members shall restrict their diving and that of their children to avoid danger and excessive noise when pool and deck area are well occupied.
  9. All users of the pool must shower before entering the pool
  10. No one shall operate or adjust pool heating, lighting, or filtration equipment, except as authorized by Directors.
  11. Jumping on, or other such abuse of pool cover and roller is strictly forbidden.
  12. Stereo/sound/musical equipment in use at pool and patio areas must be suitably toned down to avoid discomfort and nuisance to others.
  13. The life ring and shepherds crook rescue pole, and fire equipment, are located permanently on the south west side of the pool area – they must never be removed or tampered with except in emergencies.
  14. Please read and observe posted pool rules on pool deck.


  1. There shall be no activity but tennis carried on within tennis compounds unless approved by Directors.
  2. A guest may not play more than 2 times in a year. Guests must play with a member on the same court and only one guest per member is permitted at any one time.
  3. No glass or other breakable objects, food or drink are permitted inside tennis compounds.
  4. For safety, non-playing children shall be kept outside the compound.
  5. Singles must yield court to waiting doubles at end of short set.
  6. No singles may start when doubles are waiting to play.
  7. When playing a set the warm-up period shall not exceed five minutes.
  8. Only short sets may be played if other players are waiting. A short set is completed when one side has won 6 games.


  1. Children under 14 years of age are not permitted on wharf-dock facility unless accompanied by an adult.
  2. Swimming and diving from wharf-dock facility is strictly prohibited.
  3. 3. Moorage and buoy placement arrangements are made by Waterfront Director.
  4. 4. Club shore dinghy is only boat permitted to remain on or tied up to the dock.
  5. 5. Shore dinghy must be returned to the dock and not left tied to mooring buoys.
  6. 6. Dock is for loading and unloading privileges only. No tie up privileges are permitted.
  7. 7. Guest mooring float is available for use by reservation. Contact Caretaker.
  8. 8. Members’ dinghies, if left on beach, should have the Member’s name on them, and be placed well above high tide line.
  9. 9. Dinghies and boats are stored or moored at their owner’s risk.
  10. 10. Dinghies must not be stored within 20 feet of either side of access stairs as there must be adequate emergency access.


For the swimming beach — directly in front of the Clubhouse-Pool:

  1. For safety reasons, no power boating or water skiing between shore and moorage buoys; this area is reserved for swimming.
  2. In order to keep the swimming beach safe for our children, it is requested that no fires be made on this area of the beach.
  3. In keeping with the municipal by-law applicable to all Bowen Island public beaches, dogs are not allowed on the swimming beach during the months of July and August. For the additional safety of our children, TBCA Members are encouraged to refrain from bringing their dogs to the beach from May 15-June 30 and September 1-October 15.

Please take your litter home with you; a clean beach is enjoyed by all.


  1. The conditions of By-Law #2 apply to all guests.
  2. The member host shall accompany and be responsible for their guests while on Club premises or facilities.
  3. The member host shall register his guests name along with his/her own name in the visitor’s book on each occasion the guest visits the Club or Club Facilities. Guests shall wear a ‘guest bracelet’ – available by the visitor’s book.
  4. A guest may not be introduced to the club more than 4 times per calendar year.
  5. No member shall introduce more than 4 guests at any one time. See Club Rental Agreement for provisions regarding more than 4 guests.
  6. Each resident family member will be responsible for making their extended family members aware of and abide by the Club Rules.
  7. Family members who are not eligible for extended family memberships are eligible for Associate memberships or are welcome as guests a maximum of 4 times.


  1. The clubhouse is available for rental by Members following the Labour Day weekend in September and before the Victoria Day weekend in May.
  2. Clubhouse rental does not include the use of the pool, the pool deck, the wharf or the tennis courts. Other restrictions may apply.
  3. Permission for rental must be obtained for any requests where more than 4 guests are being entertained. The maximum number for Private Use is limited to 50 persons.
  4. All requests for club rental must be directed to the Rental Coordinator and then brought to the Board of Directors for approval. The member will be responsible for completing an Application for Private Use, and payment of the prescribed fees and damage deposit.
  5. A copy of the Policy for Private Use of the TBCA Clubhouse may be obtained from the Rental Coordinator.


  1. The maintenance of the clubhouse and grounds is provided by a management team, but it is up to all of us to help keep the clubhouse clean and tidy. The club is to be considered an extension of our homes; keep it as though you are expecting important guests.
  2. If you have any questions about the TBCA or its premises, please contact a Board Member responsible for that area of interest; e.g. facility, social, or rental coordinator.
  3. The cottage located on the TBCA grounds is a private residence and should be respected as such.

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