Dear Members,

We need to finish the court restoration prep March 20 & 21.
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to help with the following:

– Fence post and fence removal 
– Branch pick/move pile of debris around Pickle ball Court into Bin.
– Brush clean up as directed by grounds

Saturday March 20th – 9am-4pm

(Or portion there-of)

Please contact Toni to sign up for a shift at: 

tonionbowen@hotmail.com or operations@tunstallbay.org

Bring work gloves and other tools you think you might need
We will do a separate call-out for the annual Spring Clean up in April.

Thank you,
Board of Directors


NOTICE: TBCA boathouse must be cleared of boats by Monday March 8th

So sorry for the sudden notice!
We just heard ourselves that the construction on the new boathouse at TBCA is going to begin this Monday. Please take your boats out of the boathouse if you can. Any boats left in the boathouse will be moved to another area to be stored by members until the boathouse renovation is complete. 

Please spread the word to any members you know who have boats in the boathouse,
TBCA Grounds Directors


Dear TBCA members,

The Board of Directors will host a virtual AGM on Saturday March 6th from 10am – 12pm.  A link to this meeting will be emailed to the membership prior to March 6th. If you are not receiving the TBCA New Bulletins, please make sure to sign up to Mailchimp with your email address and your first and last name (don’t need any other information) using this link: http://eepurl.com/gnpdD5

Tunstall Bay Beach ClubTunstall Bay Beach Club Email Formseepurl.com

Thank you,

TBCA Board of Directors.

First two phases of Tunstall COVID19 opening plan announced

Tunstall Bay volunteers have been working hard over the last several weeks to get COVID19 policies and procedures in place so that the facility can be safely opened for members.

TBCA is committed to the health and safety of its staff, volunteers, members, and general community and understands its responsibility as managers of a facility and grounds on Bowen Island. To this end, TBCA staff and members will follow general safety practices regarding the upkeep and sanitation of our facilities and grounds, including regular cleaning, providing accessible, social distancing washrooms, cleaning equipment for member use, safely disposing of waste, and physical maintenance of the building and grounds.

A Four Phase re-opening plan has been presented to the board for approval. The first two phases have been approved and will be initiated immediately. Phases three and four, which involve opening the pool and kitchen, are being finalized and it is the Board’s hope that they can released to members in early  June.

Volunteers are working hard to provide members with safe access to Tunstall Bay during the pandemic. We thank all members for understanding that running the facility takes a lot of work and funds. The continued support from members, with both their time and membership renewal, is what will ensure the progress and stability of Tunstall Bay for years to come.

THANK YOU to our members for supporting our beloved facility through COVID19 restrictions

Clubhouse Closure Update

Dear Membership,
As promised, the Board has been monitoring the COVID 19 developments and felt it was prudent to provide our membership with another update on the impact of COVID 19 on our operations.  As you know, the situation is changing daily and the Board is continuing to use guidance provided by Provincial and Local Health Authorities.  Member safety continues to be our top priority.
Effective immediately, we are closing all club facilities including all outside common areas.  
This is an expansion from our original closure of just the clubhouse on March 18th.  For the protection of Toni and our maintenance contractors, we request that all members access personal watercraft from the beach to limit contact with the upper gate. For those whose personal watercraft require access to the boat house or dock, you are advised to do so at your own risk. Please note, we do not have the resources to clean any surfaces that you may contact and no way to know how many people have accessed these facilities before you.
The closure will be in effect until further notice.
These are difficult and uncertain times for us all.  As a volunteer board we are also struggling and have the same concerns as you about personal safety and keeping our families safe.  We are also stressed about the economy as well as job and income security.
The Board has decided to extend the due date for membership fees to May 31st, 2020. 
We understand that it would be insensitive and unrealistic to hold fast to our original due date of March 31st and hope that the extra time will give us all more clarity on the outlook for our club for the summer months.  The club will continue to prepare for a pool opening and while it is safe to assume some disruption to our operations, it is still too early to say with certainty what this season will look like. 
Your Tunstall Board
“This is our time to be kind, to be calm, and to be safe.”
Bonnie Henry  

Yours truly,

TBCA Board 

BCIT Study and Presentation

SAVE THE DATE April 7th, 2018

This is going to be an exciting and very interesting project. You may have seen 30 plus students from BCIT around the Club last week taking measurements, surveys and flying a drone. This new endeavor, spearheaded by Ron Kato, architect, teacher at BCIT and member at the Club, is a two part process spanning four separate degree programs using all 3rd and 4th year students at BCIT. They will all be working together to put together a comprehensive study of the Club, for the Club.

The first part of the program incorporates the students from the Ecological Restoration program, Geomatics program and Architectural design programs. They will be doing a comprehensive site survey generating topographical files and an environmental assessment. They will also be doing a detailed analysis of all the existing facilities at the club ie. the wharf, tennis courts, pool, playground, roof, decks, etc. This will give us all the information we need to put together a reserve fund study that prioritizes maintenance items for the upcoming years to accurately determine necessary reserve fund requirements. This detailed facilities analysis, along with the surveys and environmental assessment (we’re on a creek that once had salmon in it and hopefully will again some day) will be the starting point for the second phase of the project.

This next phase brings in the architectural design students and the interior design students and they will be putting together proposals for POTENTIAL future options the club could explore, in terms of adding other recreational facilities or enclosures, replacing existing facilities, possible development opportunities etc. This is the exciting part as the students are being graded on these proposals for their course and they will potentially be planting the seeds of what the club or any of its facilities looks like into the future. The guidelines are simple and they are to ensure the proposals are compatible with the existing site, existing facilities and the Mission statement.

SAVE THE DATE of April 7th. This is when we’ll be having the open house where all these students will be unveiling their work. The entire membership is invited to attend and participate. The time of day is not confirmed but we will update you. They will leave behind hard copies of their renderings and we’ll put them up in the Club so we can really see what it would actually look like and discuss them. To be 100% clear, we have no obligation to pursue any of the students proposals but I’m sure they will be interesting to explore and it will spark some great debates.

Pool Time Fun

Recognize these 2 little scoundrels?  This is B & F enjoying the pool over the years.  We would love to showcase you & yours having fun at the pool.  Send your photos to Q at TBCA email to have your photo added to the site.




Image by Rafal Izdebski #bowen_life

Archivist: Katherine Gish

I started by asking our oldest member of the TBCA, Gordon McGillivray if he knew anything about it. He just knew that it was there before the development of Tunstall Bay and the TBCA began which was around 1970. The two of us then thought that maybe it was part of the old Vancouver Sun boys camp. Nope.

But then I happened to remember this movie made in Tunstall Bay in 1966. It starred Oliver Reed and is called “The Trap” which is a rollicking tale of fur traders and adventures. They created an entire village on Tunstall Bay beach and the totem pole is actually a prop. You might have noticed that the totem is only one half of a totem with one half of it being the image of the face you see in the photo attached.

The best part?! The full movie can be viewed on You Tube! When you watch the movie remember that it was made over 50 years ago…pretty incredible! You will see Tunstall Bay and surrounding islands in all her glory. Should we have a viewing of the movie in the fall down at the clubhouse??!!

To top it off we’ve learned that at least 2 Bowen Islanders were in the movie….Bobby Helinius and Lisa Burube were cast as small children.
Wouldn’t it have been fun to be on Bowen Island then…maybe not a lot going on so I can easily imagine the stir the movie must have caused and I hope lots of curious Islanders had a chance to see some of the making of the movie.

Next time you’re at the clubhouse maybe take a moment to have a good look at our Famous Totem Pole!