Constitution and Bylaws


  1. The name of the Society is “The Tunstall Bay Community Association”, hereinafter referred to as “the Association”.
  2. The objects of the Association are:
    1. (a)  To establish, maintain, operate and conduct a social Association for the accommodation and convenience of the members of the Association and others;
    2. (b)  To facilitate cooperation among residents of Tunstall Bay towards the maintenance and improvement of community amenities;
    3. (c)  To do all such things as are necessary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects and the exercise of the powers of the Association.
  3. Operations of the Association are to be chiefly carried out at Tunstall Bay, Bowen Island, the Province of British Columbia.


Click here to download a PDF of the TBCA Constitution and Bylaws (Updated 2021).