Call Out for Volunteers!

Did you know that the “volunteer deposit” payable at the beginning of your membership may be rolled forward annually by volunteering over the course of each year?

Volunteering can include a variety of activities: participating in a work party, attending a clean-up day, helping organize an event, or more. Come up with your own volunteer idea! We are looking for a 10 hour commitment per membership.

TBCA  is a member driven community, we prefer volunteer participation over an annual fee.  As a club we hope to encourage and incentivize community involvement.

Current volunteer work available:
1.       Two hour shifts daily during the busy season (checking member/guests sign in, gates closed, and take feedback and questions from other members). Please choose a day/s and return to to confirm!
2.       Swing set repair.
3.       Blackberry maintenance around the clubhouse below the decks.
4.       Removal of old picnic furniture in the kids play area.
5.       Weed whacking (tennis courts, kids area, kayak racks).
6.       Window cleaning.
7.       Cleaning glass panels on decks.
8.       Noticeboards to be put up in the clubhouse.
9.       Cleaning BBQ grease traps/ BBQ Repair
10.*   Creating an event of your own that brings members together! Examples could be: Pancake breakfast, Ping Pong tournament, Pot Luck Dinner, Movie Night, Board Games or any other fun get together.
11.   Do you see something that could be done to maintain or improve the club? Let us know and this can be applied to your volunteer credits!

Please contact to sign up.