UPDATED Pool Schedule

With 947 Swim lessons finishing up, and August drawing to a close, we would like to point out some small pool schedule changes:

  • There are no more swimming lessons after Friday, August 26th, so morning swimming will be open again. The schedule is:
    • 6am-9am: Open/Drop-in adult swim (sign-up at the front desk)
    • 9am-12pm:  Bookable 1.5-hour time slots
  • As the sun sets earlier, the pool will be closing earlier too. Therefore, the 6-8pm pool slot is no longer bookable and instead is:
    • 6-7pm Open swim (sign-up at the front desk)
    • 7-8pm Adult / Lap swim (sign-up at the front desk)

Call Out for Volunteers!

Did you know that the “volunteer deposit” payable at the beginning of your membership may be rolled forward annually by volunteering over the course of each year?

Volunteering can include a variety of activities: participating in a work party, attending a clean-up day, helping organize an event, or more. Come up with your own volunteer idea! We are looking for a 10 hour commitment per membership.

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