As of June 15, 2020 [Updated COVID-19 Policies to be Published Prior to Pool Opening]

TBCA is committed to the health and safety of its staff, volunteers, members, and general community and understands our responsibility as managers of a facility and grounds on Bowen Island. To this end, TBCA staff and members will follow general safety practices regarding the upkeep and sanitation of our facilities and grounds, including regular cleaning, providing accessible, social distancing washrooms, cleaning equipment for member use, safely disposing of waste, and physical maintenance of the building and grounds.

COVID-19-Specific Policies

TBCA members will consistently follow the orders and recommendations from health authorities regarding preventing the spread of COVID-19 to keep members, and community safe. These policies are to reduce the possibility of infection and create confidence and security among TCBA members.

A health policy is being developed that will need to be signed and returned by all members to ensure continued access through the summer. An information table will also be permanently set up at Tunstall to keep membership informed in tandem with regular emails and website updates.

Key to achieving this are the following:

  • Members must always practice physical distancing (2 meters apart) throughout the facilities, on TBCA grounds, and beach areas. 
  • Members are required to STAY INFORMED on TBCA rules and policies regarding health and safety practices for COVID 19. Providing hand sanitizer, hand washing stations, disinfectant spray, and other sanitation tools.
  • Limiting the number of people allowed in rooms and decks, or temporarily closing the building to the public as required. No more than 46 people can use the facility and grounds at one time

Practices for members:

  • Nobody should come to the building or grounds if they have any symptoms, even if they do not think they have COVID. 
  • Wash or sanitize hands upon entering the facility.
  • Check at Front Administration Desk if using the pool, facility decks or entering the building for any reason. 
  • Wipe hard surfaces before use and after use.
  • No Guests are allowed at this time
  • Signed Policy Agreement form returned

Pool Use:

  • Members must register for pool use, and adhere to the schedule
  • Members will come in as a “social Distanced Group” and limit entering and exiting the pool area during their allotted time.  
  • Members will wipe down all hard surfaces touched, both BEFORE and AFTER use
  • Members will leave as a Social Distancing group, at the same time
  • The new Members arriving MUST wait until all previous members are out of the pool area before entering
  • Change rooms are closed for use. Members much change at home, or outside deck area.
  • No guests are permitted at this time

Deck Use:

  • Do not move tables and chairs
  • No “saving tables”
  • Disinfect all hard surfaces before and after use
  • Take all personal belongings with you or store in a way that ensures social distancing

Facility Use:

  • Washrooms are now Gender neutral
  • One person at a time in each washroom (or child with an adult)
  • All washrooms accessed via the door on to the pool side of the facility
  • All members must exit the washrooms via the hallway leading to the kitchen.
  • Doors to the washrooms must be left open at all times
  • People waiting to use the facilities must stand on demarcations to ensure proper social distancing
  • Members must disinfect surfaces in washrooms after use.

Kitchen and Food Storage:

  • Kitchen stove is off limits
  • Sink and sterilizer can be used by ONE person at a time

Living room Area, Table Tennis area:

  • furniture to be removed, or stored form these areas. 
  • No loitering, or sitting inside the facility.

Grounds Use:

Members must practice Social Distancing at all times while on TBCA property

Playground Area:

    • Members must wipe down hard surfaces of play areas both BEFORE and AFTER use by children
    • Adults must stay 2 meters apart while in play area.


PHASE 1: Open grounds
Open: Playground Area, tennis courts, access to boat dock and beach open
Closed: Clubhouse, decks, pool, adult deck
Date: Thursday, May 21

PHASE 2: Open facility washrooms and introduce administration sign in and traffic flow-through
Open: Washrooms, pool deck, adult deck, playground, tennis courts, boat deck, beach
Closed: Pool, kitchen, fire table deck, fireplace living room
Date: June 1

PHASE 3: Pool use and pool deck seating open
Open: Pool, deck seating, washrooms, pool deck, adult deck, playground, tennis courts, boat deck, beach
Closed: kitchen, fire table deck, fireplace living room
Date: June 15

PHASE 4: Fire table, food storage and cleaning areas open
Date: Dependant on success of phases 1-3

Making this extraordinary COVID year successful will be solely dependant on the Tunstall Bay membership.  Compliance will be key in making each phase successful and to ensure the transition to the next phase. Tunstall will also need lots of members to step up and help volunteer to implement and manage the COVID policy.