Extended Family

There are 3 ways to extend your membership for an additional fee. See below.

Extended Family

The TBCA Extended Family Membership is for Tunstall Bay Beach Club members with an extended family not living on the island who would be using the club more than 4 times a year. “Extended family” is defined as those living in one household: Each extended family needs their own extended family membership.

Designated Other Primary Parent

For divorced/separated families in two households where both parents would like access to the Club with the children.

− a former or separated spouse or partner of a TBCA member and there is a formal or informal sharing of a child or children
− grandparents or other relatives who look after the child or children of a TBCA member in their temporary absence (eg. away on holiday, away for work)

a) The Member or Associate applies for this membership and must consent in writing.

b) This privilege is limited to the use of TBCA facilities only when the Designated Other Primary Parent is accompanying the child or children they share with the Member or Associate.

c) The Designated Other Primary Parent do not themselves have privileges to invite non-members.

d) The Member or Associate is not required to be present during the visits.

e) A Designated Other Primary Parent membership is linked to a TBCA full membership.  It is not a separate membership and thus the TBCA member would ultimately be responsible for damages.  In this case, for most infractions the Designated Other Primary Parent privileges would be suspended. If property damages occur and the Designated Other Primary Parent does not agree to pay then the TBCA member would be held accountable for the damages.

f) The Member or Associate is responsible for giving TBCA Rules and Regulations to the Designated Other Primary Parent.

g) The fees are identical to and separate from the Extended Family Membership Fee

h) The Designated Other Primary Parent may receive a fob– a deposit will be required.

Child Caregiving Extended Membership

TBCA extended membership for visiting grandchildren (whether living on Bowen or not – would not include the children’s parents) as well as a member’s caregiver*. The extended membership includes a liability disclaimer and registration of the member’s grandchildren and/or caregiver.

A TBCA member in good standing may register to use the pool and deck for:

  • family member’s grandchildren – either living on Bowen Island or visiting Bowen Island  
  • family member’s caregiver who is responsible for taking care of the member’s children while the parents work – caregiver must be 19 years or older.

*Caregiver is defined as a person 19 years of age or older, employed as the member’s nanny/caregiver and who is responsible for children at the pool when membership adults are not in attendance. Terms:

  • All extended grandchildren and caregivers (under 19 years) must be registered with the TBCA
  • Parents (members) are not on site when the caregiver is using the pool with grandchildren of the member children
  • When caregiver is using the pool with the member children, no further guests are allowed
  • Definition of “Caregiver”: registered person who is looking after the children of the household (either caregiver or relatives). A ‘Caregiver” must be 19 years or older.
  • Liability waiver signed by parents for “Caregiver” to take child to the TBCA
  • A yearly additional fee of $75.00 will be added to the membership

All regular membership protocols, procedures and rules must be followed when using a Caregiver Extended Membership. It is the responsibility of the Household Membership to ensure that all Extended Members adhere to the TBCA rules as listed on the website at: https://tunstallbay.org/rules/

Members may apply for a Caregiver Extension by contacting the Membership Director at membership@tunstallbay.org for the following two categories:

  1. Grandchildren under 19 years either living on Bowen Island or visiting Bowen Island
  2. Caregivers of the household’s children