Facility Policies for Group Use

Why policies for group use of TBBC facilities?

One of the great benefits of membership in TBBC is the ability to host groups at the facility in Tunstall Bay. When used considerately, the individual benefit is high at little inconvenience to other members. Guidance and rules for ‘considerate’ use are laid out in these policies.

We will always rely, however, on the judgment and good will of all members to make sure that their own enjoyment of the clubhouse is not at the expense of other members, your (volunteer) Directors, and our Facility Manager.

Thank you.

Summer or HIGH Season: Memorial Day – Labour Day

*TBBC Facilities are Drop-In only in the HIGH season *

Drop-In Use

  • Please limit the size of a Drop-In group to 8 people (incl. members)
  • Book clubs and other organized groups are requested to not use the facility during the high season
  • AV system: users must be mindful of other members and users of the facility. (For example: watching movies, playing music on a beautiful summer evening can ruin the calm and serenity of a Beach House sunset and sea surf…please be considerate.)

Birthday Parties: all day Saturday/Sunday High Season

  • No exclusive use or rental of facility
  • No birthday parties in the facility
  • Lawn & beach – okay
  • Family Fun Zone – okay
  • Decks – do not use
  • Pool – do not use
  • Please limit party size to 8 ppl

Birthday Parties: Weekdays High Season

  • No exclusive use or rental of facility
  • Please be considerate of other users and uses of the Clubhouse
  • Lawn & beach – okay
  • Family Fun Zone – okay
  • Deck – okay 12:00 – 3:00 pm
  • Pool use from 12:00 – 3:00 pm ONLY
  • Supervision is required – please have 1 adult on the pool deck per 3 swimmers
  • Please limit party size to 8 ppl

Winter or LOW Season: Labour Day – Memorial Day

* TBBC facilitIes are available for exclusive rental in the LOW season only *

Rental Use

  • Exclusive use comes with rental of the facility
  • Rental policies apply – see Rental Policies TBBC

Drop-In Use

  • Members may host a group at the Clubhouse on a drop-in basis if exclusive use not required
  • Drop-in events cannot be posted on the web-based calendar (first-come basis)
  • The number and frequency of guest hosting is governed by our TBBC Guest Privileges – 4 guests per member, 4 visits to TBBC per guest per year
  • Please bring your own firewood
  • A donation towards the cost of heat is requested: suggested $10 for several hours (donation box, honour system) AV policy – no charge for use of stereo; a donation for use of the projecton system is requested

Birthday Parties: Low Season