Open Board Positions

Urgent! Open Board Positions

We are in urgent need of new contributors to the Board as we will be losing four of our ten Directors this spring.  Barry Murton (House and Grounds) and Jeremy Horwitz (Treasurer) have reached the limit of three consecutive two-year terms (yikes, that’s 6 years people!!) while Linda Carson (Membership), and James Wood (Secretary) are also stepping down after completing multiple terms.  Many, many thanks go out to the generous time and expertise provided by Barry, Jeremy, Linda and James.

Due to the terms of the TBCA By-laws which govern our organisation under the BC Societies Act, “The Board will be composed of a minimum of five (5) and a maximum of ten (10) Directors… at least half of the Directors plus one (1) must be Members.”   As all of the departing Directors are full Members (as opposed to Associate Members) at least one full Member is needed to balance the current composition of the Board.

If you are a Member or Associate in good standing and are able to join the Board, or if you know of a Member or Associate who you think would be suited for a Director position, please submit a nomination prior to the AGM to Election of Directors will take place during the AGM.