Pool Opening Soon!

Hello Lovely Tunstall People!

With the arrival of the May long weekend comes the opening of the Tunstall pool! Always exciting!  And while the booking system was initially brought in during times of covid, and covid is slowly releasing its grip on the world around us, we will still be keeping the system in place this year after extremely positive feedback on its benefits.

The pool will open Saturday, May 21st. The booking system will open Friday morning sometime between 9am-11am.

All new members should have received an invite to the booking system. Existing members will have theirs from last year.  Please let me know if you do not have a family login by emailing technical@tunstallbay.org.

Please note the pool schedule will be as follows throughout the season:

Weekends, Holidays and Everyday until May 30
* 6am-9am: Open/Drop-in adult swim (sign-up at the front desk)
* 9am-12pm:  Bookable 1.5-hour time slots
* 12pm-8pm:  Bookable 2-hour time slots
* 8pm-close:  Open/Drop-in adult swim
June/July Weekdays (w/ 947 Swim Lessons)
* 6am-8am: Open/Drop-in adult swim (sign-up at the front desk)
* 8am-1030am: 947 Swim programs
* 1030am-12pm:  Bookable 1.5-hour time slot
* 12pm-8pm:  Bookable 2-hour time slots
* 8pm-close:  Open/Drop-in adult swim 
August Weekdays (947 Swim Lessons)
* 6am-8am: Open/Drop-in swim
* 8am-12pm: 947 Swim programs
* 12pm-8pm:  Bookable 2-hour time slots
* 8pm-close:  Open/Drop-in Adult Swim