• Please use our booking system to book the pool (mobile friendly)
  • If you see space in the pool when you are at Tunstall, please check the Booking System. If there is space, you are welcome to book it at that time. If the system shows as fully booked but there is space in the pool, please discuss with the members in the pool area as they have priority.
  • Pool bookings are 1 hour 45 minutes with a 15 minute buffer between slots.
  • The 15-minute time allotment for turnover is to enable members sufficient time to clean up after themselves, and enable social distancing when entering and leaving the pool area. It is up to the Members themselves to ensure that turnovers are safe and comfortable. Members are asked to be courteous, and mindful of each other as they enter and leave.  There is no health reason that the pool itself needs to be empty for 15 minutes so please use your judgment and work with fellow members to ensure everyone’s comfort.

If you have any issues at Tunstall please email operations@tunstallbay.org
If you have any issues with the Booking System please email technical@tunstallbay.org


For smooth pool operation we request that everyone read and follow these rules:

  • Mandatory SHOWER (using soap) BEFORE entering the pool 
  • Wash off beach sand and dirt (the cleaner the pool the less chemicals get used).
  • Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before or after using the pool.  No oil products permitted.
  • If possible use sun shirts instead of sunscreen (again, this helps keep the chemicals down).
  • Swim diapers are required for all babies and young toddlers that are not toilet trained.  Please remind/assist your children to use the washroom facilities.
  • Children under the age of 14 MUST be supervised by a parent (inside pool area).
  • No jumping or diving from the shallow end.
  • NO FOOD permitted on the pool deck or in the pool.  This includes any snacks (chips, crackers, etc..)
  • No glass bottles, glasses, cups, etc. 
  • Please keep the gate closed as this can be a hazard for young children.
  • There is NO LIFEGUARD so please watch your children. Pool is used the at your own risk.

947 Swim

947 Swim is offering Swim Lessons and Aqua Fit classes. All swim lesson and aqua fit class sizes have been adjusted due to physical distancing recommendations. Please contact 947 Swim for more information.

All participants will be required to do a Daily Health Screen prior to their lesson.