• The TBCA Rental Coordinator will contact you regarding your rental request and send rental forms, payment and mailing information to you. Once forms and payment are received your event will be placed on the TBCA Calendar of Events.

Rental Use of the TBCA Facility:
• TBCA members may access the facility (gate and front entrance) for event rentals with the electronic fob that has been issued to them. TBCA non-member rentals will be given an access code for use at the gate and front entrance. Rental of the facility (whether hourly or daily) will begin at the time of initial entry


Refunds will be issued:
• With notice more than 7 days prior to the rental date – 100%
• With notice 24 hours or less prior to the rental date – 50%
• A $25.00 administrative fee will be charged in the event of a rental cancellation

Special Occasion Clubhouse Use

On occasion, TBCA will provide the clubhouse for the exclusive use of members and non-members on terms different from those in the Rental Policies.

Memorial Services

Rental fees are waived for memorial services for a TBCA member who has died. TBCA requests that a donation be made in lieu of the rental fees.

  • A damage deposit is required
  • All other cleaning requirements are to be observed
  • Regular rental fees apply to non-members

Use and Cleaning of the Facility

The Renter can expect the TBCA Facility to be ready and in a state of cleanliness upon arrival. The Renter is able to rearrange the room and furniture and decorate as they choose.

The Renter can expect the following condition of the facility for the event rental:

  • Kitchen and upper tiled floor vacuumed & mopped
  • Lower area vacuumed and furniture arranged
  • Kitchen: counters clean, dishwasher empty, clean tea towels
  • Bathrooms cleaned
  • If deck area open: deck furniture arranged
  • Barbeques: tanks full and barbeques clean
  • TBCA dishes and other kitchen utensils and cooking pots ready for use
  • Garbage can and Refundable container bins empty and available for use
  • Compost bag available near side sink

At the conclusion of a rental the TBCA can expect the Renter to leave the facility in the pre-rental state in which the rental began. This includes the following:

  • Kitchen and upper tiled floor vacuumed & mopped
  • Lower area vacuumed and furniture arranged to the pre-rental state
  • If deck area used: arranged to pre-rental state
  • If barbeques used: cleaning of barbeque required
  • If TBCA dishes used: cleaned and put away and dishwasher emptied
  • Recyclables are to be removed by the renter – (a $20.00 fee will be charged if left – to cover $8 BIM tag and TBCA caretaker time)
  • The TBCA Rental Coordinator will inspect the facility following the event rental to ensure that it is left in the pre-rental state. The Rental Coordinator has the discretion to offer the renter the opportunity to re-clean to pre-rental state and also to withhold the security deposit in the event that this work is not carried out.

The TBCA is pleased to offer additional cleaning services which may be arranged in advance of the rental. This service can be contracted with the TBCA to allow the renter to more fully enjoy the event. Services are $40/hour. This fee can cover:

  • Removal of refundable beverage containers
  • Mopping, vacuuming floors
  • Cleaning tables, counters, kitchen equipment
  • Any other cleaning follow-up that is required to bring the facility to its pre-rental state
  • Please note: a general state of cleanliness after the rental event must be adhered to. (IE: it is unacceptable to leave the facility a mess upon departure)

Note: An additional $40/hr. cleaning fee will be applied to any rental which requires additional cleaning by the TBCA at the conclusion of a rental

The TBCA endeavours to maintain the integrity of cleanliness at the facility for all users.

TBCA Facility General Information on Rental Use

  • We welcome the renter contacting us if you would like a tour of the facility in advance of the event rental to familiarize yourself
  • We suggest bringing along the following to help at the event: Ziploc storage bags, tinfoil, paper towels, Saran wrap, and favourite knives or cooking utensils
  • A laminated information sheet is posted on the bulletin board at the kitchen, which explains where various items are located and how to use them.