Pool Operations Contractor – 2022 Season

Tunstall Bay Community Association operates a private commercial pool for its membership and guests from May to September.  Located on a 5-acre waterfront property in Tunstall Bay, the pool is a prominent TBCA amenity and is very well-used by all ages for five months each year.  The Pool Operations Contractor takes full responsibility for the maintenance, testing and safety compliance of the pool, and ensures it is in safe working order.  This is a part-time, contract position with flexible hours as required, with pool start-up and preparation being the main focus in April/May.  On-site training will be provided and a Pool Operator’s Level 1 Course will be funded for the successful applicant.  The Pool Operator will manage a small volunteer committee that assists with water testing, and will train and liaise with an assistant, part-time on-call Pool Operator.  The Pool Operations Contractor reports to the TBCA Board of Directors.

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