In addition to yearly membership dues, each member family pays a $200.00 volunteer deposit.

It is up to the member family if they want to ‘work off’ the deposit or not.    Volunteer hours are credited at $20/hr for a 10 hour commitment.  Any or all of the volunteer hours can be credited back and are applied to the following year’s volunteer deposit.  For example, if  all 10 hours are worked back… your next year’s volunteer deposit would show $200 charged and $200 credited.     If 5 hours were worked off then the next year’s volunteer deposit would show $200 charged and $100 credited back.



Many members choose to join us at spring and fall clean up and work off hours raking, cleaning, pruning, etc…(I think it would be beneficial to add more to the list)  Many members come to the clean up just to help out even though they don’t need extra hours.  They come for the “community and socializing….. and lunch”


A member may also join or form a committee to complete their hours.  For instance the social committee to assist in coordinating events such as the annual salmon BBQ, movie nights or..(more)


If you believe that you have a talent or expertise that may be of benefit to the TBCA (carpenter, electrician, arborist…) connect with the volunteer coordinator to review options.    It could be possible to complete that type of work for the TBCA to work off your volunteer hours and saving contractor costs from the yearly budget.


From time to time there will be call out’s for member assistance with a variety of activities at the club;  building structures, assisting with an event, ** more examples.   The call outs will be sent via email to members or posted on the Facebook page.


Regularly communicate your volunteer hours to the volunteer coordinator at volunteer@tunstallbay.org to ensure that your hours are logged.