The Wharf and Dock

TBCA members have exclusive use of a private wharf and dock to access to their boats out on the water or to dock their watercraft. A dingy is provided for access. The wharf has a lockable gate that members who wish to use it are given keys for access. The wharf and dock is available year round at any tides.

The Boat House

For more sheltered and secure storage of kayaks and other watercraft, the TBCA has a boathouse located at the foot of the wharf. The boathouse is lockable and keys are provided to those members wishing to keep their boats there. There is also a freshwater water source for rinsing boats and equipment. Space is limited so please contact waterfront if you are interested.

The Racks

For those members with personal small watercraft wishing storage close to the water, the TBCA has several storage racks located above the path down to the beach. The racks can accommodate all sorts of different watercraft including kayaks, SUP’s, canoes, windsurfers, etc..

Members wishing to store their boats are asked to purchase an annual decal that is to be displayed on the hulls.

TBCA Watercraft

The TBCA has several watercraft that can be shared and used by all members for an hour or two or even the day. The fleet consists of canoes, kayaks,  sit-on-top kayaks, row boats and paddle boards.  They are located at the boat rack area (north beach) on the separate aluminum rack (with posted rules – see below). TBCA community use watercraft are marked with a TBCA 2017 decal inscribed ‘TBCA’. Canoe paddles are on rack on the back fence. Safety equipment (lifejackets, bailers, throw ropes) are on the tripod beside the rack.  Currently it is a free for use system which may move to a sign up. Members are reminded that the use of the rental watercraft is at member’s risk and responsibility.

TBCA Community Watercraft Rules

Community Watercraft are:

  • only for use by TBCA members, or their guests when accompanied by members.
  • only to be used during daylight hours. Must be returned by end of each day.
  • only to be used in accordance with Transport Canada regulations including required safety equipment (throwing aids, bailers and life jackets)
  • All users are to wear life jackets at all times and bring a throwing aid and bailer with them.
  • Boats and safety equipment must be returned to the Boat Yard after each use.
  • There should be a whistle tethered to each boat.
  • Do not use the watercraft unless sufficient safety equipment is available or if the watercraft is not in good working order.
  • All children, or any adults requiring supervision, may only be in the watercraft while in the company of a competent adult.
  • Please pay attention to wind and tides: better to start out upwind or against the tide to make it easier to return home.
  • Please treat the equipment carefully.
  • Please don’t put members’ private use kayaks on the community-use rack.
  • Please advise the Waterfront Committee immediately via email [waterfront@tunstallbay.org] if equipment is not found to be in working order or if there are any other safety concerns relating to equipment or its use.

If you have boats, paddles or lifejackets or equipment that you wish to donate, please bring them down to the clubhouse (and notify us). We are also looking for a donation of a dolly which could help to transport the watercraft down to the beach.

Picnic Area and BBQ

Our newest feature is a brand new picnic table and charcoal BBQ on the flat area at the bottom of the path leading to the beach. Members can enjoy spending time overlooking Tunstall Bay, cooking up some delicious food on the BBQ. This is true waterfront enjoyment at the heart of Bowen’s best beach.

If you wish to learn more about the various TBCA Waterfront features please contact : waterfront@tunstallbay.org