SwimBowen 2023

SwimBowen is holding their annual open-water swimming & fundraising event on Saturday morning, July 15, in Tunstall Bay. As you may know, SwimBowen raises funds to support Bowen Islanders enduring treatment for cancer, and we are delighted to participate by sharing our change rooms with swimmers and giving volunteers access to our kitchen. If you happen to see SwimBowen folk at the clubhouse Saturday morning, please make them welcome and consider coming down to the beach to cheer them on.

If you know a boater who accesses Tunstall Bay via the south beach boat launch or moorages, please let them know that 75 swimmers, along with a crew of safety marshals in kayaks, paddleboards and zodiacs, will be on the water Saturday morning, July 15. To ensure everyone’s safety, SwimBowen asks that all boaters kindly avoid the course area, especially between 9:30 and 11:30 AM. SwimBowen will be doubly appreciative if boats moored in the area can be relocated during those this time, as this will help provide a clear line-of-sight between course-marker buoys for swimmers and safety marshals.